IPC2016 – Calgary, Canada

It is somewhat fitting to be launching in earnest this “PipelinesOz2”, from the biennial International Pipeline Conference (IPC) in Calgary, given that Peter Tuft started the original Pipelines Oz from here in 2010.  Back then, that launched four years of excellent industry conversation, and, really, everyone in the industry should have that site in their favourites lists for a reference tool.

Now, 6 years later, IPC2016 is still as big (1300 delegates), and complicated (300 papers) as it was then.  It probably grew over the years between, and has, understandably shrunk from its highs of 2012 and 2014, given the change in the industry in the past few years.  It is still a remarkable amassing of technical talent and information, all in one place.

With 300 papers, it is – like in 2010 – an exercise in project management to see the papers you want to.  On some days there are 10 presentations every 30 minutes, and they are spread out over a few buildings in the downtown convention centre area.  The papers I’ve been to have been diverse:

Pipelines in fault zones
Blowdown forces and impingement pressures for hazard analyses
Pipeline decompression as ‘transient Fanno’ flow (by Ajit Godbole from UofW/EPCRC)
Soil type effect (elasto-viscoplastic soils) on pipelines
Findings from 16 years of auditing pipeline management systems
Effect of Niobium in solution on Austentite Decomposition
Risk-based mechanical damage
Assurance Management
Ground movement and slope stability detection by inSAR (radar)
The Cheecham landslide
Relative to absolute risk model
Reformulated Batelle Two Curve model
Collaborative approach to safety:  Applying lessons from other high risk industries
Updated estimates of frequencies of pipeline failures caused by geohazards
Long term trends of nine prescriptive pipeline threats
Pipeline Project Technical Documents
Additional risk to pipelines due to nearby wind turbines
Pipeline Integrity Reliability Analysis Levels

It is good to see upwards of 15 Australians here as well.  I like telling the story to the locals that the Australian industry association sponsors 3 young pipeliners to attend – that impresses the locals.  Unfortunately when Young Pipeliners are mentioned here though, they tend to refer to the US and Canadian groups, and have yet to mention the originators from 10 years ago, our own Australian YPF.

The above list is only a partial list of my activities, which is a partial one-person attempt to get as much as possible out of this event.  You can see that the topics are wide-ranging and applicable to the Australian industry, and also just plain interesting.





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