Part 1 – not yet

I wish I had better news, but, you haven’t missed it.

AS 2885.1 Draft for Public Comment is still not out yet.

Current projections from Standards is still at least a week away.

It’s been with their Stylist all this time.

I guess that means it wasn’t very Stylish to start with? it’s been with them for a long time!

Standards Abound

It’s been an active 3 weeks for the AS 2885 standards.

July 19-20 saw the launch seminar for Parts 1 and 6.  There were almost 100 people in attendance, and the information was well received.  And the dinner speaker, Sean Brady, spoke very well on a topic that fit in with the theme of human factors, judgement engineering, and working with complex systems.

Part 6: Pipeline Safety Management

Part 6 is currently available for public comment, until September 13th.  We already have feedback on a few things, particularly Section 4 High Consequence Recognition.  A number of valid issues were raised during the launch, and we’ve asked that those be put to us via the formal commenting, so that it gets captured and addressed formally.

The online commenting has started to come in: the cross referencing error in Clause 6.4 and 6.5 to the non-existent Clause 1.5.4 has been picked up: it should reference Clause 1.6.5.

Also there is a suggestion to reduce the number of Secondary Location Classes, rather than adding one (C- Crowd).

Part 1 Design and Construction

Part 1 is still with Standards for styling and finalisation.  We had hoped for an August 8th publication, but this might slip again some more, but hopefully only a few days.

One thing to note is that Part 1 has been revised to address only new pipelines and design modifications.  Part 3 will more wholly refer to the operation and maintenance of existing pipelines.  Having said that, there is one area – the new Appendix G / old Appendix M in Part 1 (Penetration Resistance), that still provides information on existing pipelines, but otherwise all references to managing existing pipelines has been moved (will have been moved) over to Part 3.

Part 3 Operations and Maintenance:

The Part 3 subcommittee had a meeting Jul 26-27 in Canberra.  They are at the stage of going through each section line-by-line and determining revisions required.  There are cross-over issues to be addressed between the new Part 1 and the under-revision Part 3, for example in the area of Isolation Plans, and Fracture Control of existing pipelines.

At the end of the session, subcommittee Chair Ed Gaykema advised that he is stepping down from that role, due to work restricting his availability, and he has handed over to Geoff Callar.   The next Part 3 meeting is in September.

Part 2 Welding:

The Part 2 subcommittee, chaired by Paul Grace, met on July 31 in Sydney.  An effective day-long session was held that resulted in a fairly substantial amount of progress on the revision.  There were 54 items reviewed and mostly resolved. Some work is still to be done on the wording around strength matching, mixing/matching standards, time delay after root pass, and fixing up the Tables 7.1, 8.1 and 8.2, among a few others.

Realistically a draft for public comment is expected in early 2018.

Part 5 Pressure Testing:

Work is underway to kick off officially the revision to Part 5.