AS 2885.0: released for public comment

And we’re off and running again.  The next few months will be busy with revised Standards being prepared for publishing.

First round is AS 2885.0, General Requirements.

This one is important because it provides the overarching principles and guidance on how to apply the suite of AS 2885 standards.

It’s also really important now because it contains ALL of the Defined Terms from Parts 1 (Design and Construction), Part 3 (Operations and Maintenance) and Part 6 (Pipeline Safety Management).

So after Part 0 is published later this year, along with Parts 1 and 6, you will have to have Part 0 in possession, because the Definitions sections of Parts 1 and 6, and Part 2 and 3 later in the year, and Part 5 next year…will simply say “See Part 0” and there will be no definitions in the rest of the Parts.

Part 0 is open for a 9 week public comment review, closing on 31 July 2018.

Standards Australia has changed its website, it now sleek and modern… the link to public comment is still on the bottom left of the screen. 

Or find AS2885.0 more directly at

The Draft is free to download, but you’ll need to create a profile/login with Standards Australia, if you haven’t already.

For information on how to comment, see my previous informational posts on commenting here or here.

Good luck.  More information to follow, stay tuned.



“ is now following your blog”

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting dozens of notifications that “{odd name} is now following your blog”.  For awhile I thought, cool, getting lots of followers.  Then, I looked a little closer, and, uh, yeah, I think these are all robots.  I’ve cut off the middle bits of the address, in case they are real, but, I doubt they are:


So then I’ve become a little hesitant to post, because, well, robots.

But I’ve decided to carry on anyway.  I suppose it’s possible that this site may get hacked in future.

But, really, pipeline standards and waffling about energy can be a pretty boring hack anyway.  Even for robots.

The good news is – AS 2885.0 General Requirements revision is due out for 9-week public comment on Tuesday May 29th.

So, get your reading time blocked off for it (and Parts 1 and 6 to follow shortly after).

Standards Australia – Meritorious Contribution Award 2018

Most everybody gives back to their community in some way. Maybe it’s Rotary Club, or RSPCA, or donating to a cause or volunteering to keep the books for your local club. I guess my ‘giving back’ has manifested itself as time spent on Australian Standards, for the past 15 years.

I was in Sydney last week to receive the 2018 Meritorious Contribution (National) award from Standards Australia.  It was a small, insular awards ceremony, with only Board members, other award recipients, and spouses/partners in attendance.  But it was still a lovely evening, and I appreciated being recognised for my contributions.

The Meritorious Award “recognises achievements in national standards development for Standards Australia. Winners have made a substantial contribution to problem solving, reaching consensus, innovative thinking, and have effectively represented the views of their industry or sector.”

The AS 2885 standard is successful because of the coherent and dedicated input from the subcommittees and their chairs (we have 8 subcommittees currently at work). They all put in an enormous amount of work as well, and I couldn’t face Standards and its’ processes without the help from the subcommittee chairs and members.

The next 3-4 months ahead are going to be big efforts for the industry and its Standards, what with 5 or more of the AS 2885 Parts in various states of review and publication.

Another update coming soon.

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2018-05-11 08.22.55