Standards – updates

An update on relevant Standards:

AS2885.2 – Welding – 2nd Public Comment draft available now until January 20th.  Please note that during this second round of Public Commenting, we are only asking for comments on Sections 20, 21 and 22 of AS2885.2.  The draft has already received extensive comments during the first round of Public Commenting.  Go to to access to the draft.

AS2885.3 – Operations and Maintenance – Public Comment expected to commence in mid-January.

AS2885.5 – Field Pressure Testing – Currently being reviewed by ME-038 Main Committee, for approval to go to Public Comment. If there are no issues, Public Comment expected to commence by mid-February. 

Another standard of interest is AS4564:

AS4564 – General Purpose Natural Gas: Open for Public Comment until 23 January 2020. Go to to access to the draft.

AS1330-2019 – Metallic Materials, Drop Weight Tear Test for Steels – Published