To scope or not to scope…

The scope section of Part 0 has been updated to include the nomenclature of “AS (/NZS)” to recognise that not all parts of the AS 2885 suite are a joint standard with New Zealand.

It also now utilises the “Pipeline System” in place of “Pipeline”, where applicable, to recognise that we design, construct and operate a whole system, not just some round steel in the ground.

Mostly the text has just been tidied up and clarified.

What doesn’t show up in the screenshots below is the ‘small caps’ now used throughout the AS 2885 series, to draw attention to where a term is a Defined Term.

Get your copy of the Public Comment draft from  Don’t rely on these screenshots for your review.

(The public comment draft doesn’t include strikethrough markups, unfortunately; …I’ve done this semi-manually.  I won’t be providing marked-up versions of every section of Part 0,  just those that are easier to explain via markups):



Figure 1.1 has been significantly revised to convey the overview scope of AS 2885 more clearly.

Note that the scope figure in Part 1 (Design and Construction) provides more detail on the centre section inclusions; this figure is in Part 0 which is just depicting a scope overview.